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find kik usernames for findom


Kik Findom can come in many different forms, but is often when the women request money from a man. Beautiful women received money and showered with expensive gifts from the submissive person with nothing expected in return. People who are involved in this kind of act usually measure their self-worth with their money. Obviously, findom enjoys it because it benefits them; there is absolutely no sex and usually no touching of any kind involved. However, some say the sensation of having a woman demand money and expensive things can be addictive. Submissive usually obtain the feeling of excitement once they are giving their money to a beautiful woman. If you are looking for a young babe that’s worth spending every penny; Sextflirt is the answer! These kik ladies are good in making you feel the sexual fulfillment from sending money. Most often this form of relationship is merely conducted virtually.

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