Sexting with Caution: A Guide to Avoiding Scams and Staying Safe

25 January 2023 - Last update 1 week ago

What's up? So, sexting has become a pretty common way for people to hook up, especially younger people. Apps like sextflirt make it even easier to have virtual sex while we're all stuck inside because of the pandemic. But even though sexting can be fun and exciting, it also has some risks. I've made a list of the most common sexting scams and some advice on how to avoid them.

First, be careful of anyone who wants to meet in a sketchy or unknown place. It's not worth putting yourself in danger, no matter how hot they are. And guys, don't think you're safe. Men are twice as likely as women to fall for online dating scams.

A red flag is also if someone seems too interested in your children when you talk to them. If they talk a lot about kids and it seems like they want to take advantage of them, it's best to stop talking to them.

Watch out for anyone who starts talking about their money problems right away, especially if you just met them. If their story sounds too scripted or rehearsed, it's probably a scam.

Also, watch out for people whose profiles look too good to be true. There are a lot of fake profiles out there, so if the pictures look too good to be true, it might not be them.

Lastly, remember that some sites for sexting are full of bots. These accounts, which are run by AI, can make you think you're talking to a real person, so be aware that this could happen.

So, just remember these things the next time you sext and you'll be safe and able to have a good time. Happy sexting!

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